Spring Fever

      The warm temperatures lingering here in AZ have left the bulk of my winter wardrobe  relatively untouched, leaving me looking forward to […]

Date Night

I forgot how wonderful it is to get dressed up, wear something other than my I-may-have-to-chase-down-a-three-year-old shoes, and spend as much time as I please […]

maple bacon cupcakes

So I made bacon….. ……..to put into my cupcakes, of course. I know what you are thinking. Stop. They are freaking delicious. Oh and Happy […]


I am a mom to a very active 3 year old and one cute little baby who is no more than 3 feet away from […]

weekend in pictures

  [ best friends ] [ pretty way to tell time ] [ cute lil fella ] [ Old timer ] [ lunch break at […]

Fancy water

Lately I haven’t been drinking the amount of water I really should be. It gets away from me during the day and I find myself […]

don’t mess with baby

Little Goosie has proudly taken on the role as the protective older brother. Except, of course, when we are at home, then protecting baby from […]

winter mani

Since my “weekend in pictures” bit would be shots of chaos, a deconstructed crib in the hallway, and suitcases that have yet to get unpacked, […]

snowed in….

When my computer died a week or so ago and I realized I did not have my charger with me, my initial reaction was pure […]


  This year regarding Christmas presents, I tried to do things a little bit differently. I set out with a goal to have about 75% […]

weekend in pictures

We all try our best to make plans for each and every weekend; benefitting the kids in some way, getting outside to discover a new […]

twenty twelve

Happy New Year to you all! I”m still wrapping my brain around the fact that the holidays are over. Gone way too quickly. It seems […]